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Fine food in Montreal is a creative exploration of colors, tastes and textures, but also a social experience to bring together great friends and family. Hire a personal chef and bring your dining experience to life.  Whether it be intimate dinners, private parties, “dinatoires”, casual buffets, family affairs or events we understand the culinary keys to a successful event. We impress with our personal chef service and outstanding fare, using only the freshest ingredients, prepared on the premises to the highest standards. Our dishes are basic yet elegant, healthy and flavorful, original yet suited to your individual tastes.

Take a break from the restaurants and your routine family dinner. Let Danielle Garonce, Private Chef consult with you to design your ideal menu and insure every detail is executed to perfection. With our personal chef service, dinner in your home can be something wonderful you’ll want to share with those close to you.

Forget what you know about caterers, or Montreal gourmet catering services. Danielle Garonce is a personal chef who specializes in making that dinner party you’ve been planning a smashing success.

Please contact us to find out more.

Start preparing your guest list.

see our corporate services
see our corporate services
see our corporate services
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See our menu (sort of)
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About me

The kitchen has always been the social center of my home. Preparing fresh, flavorful foods for my guests is a delightful and natural expression of my enthusiasm for entertaining. I enjoy


spending time with good friends and family, sharing ideas, stories, and of course, great food. After attending ITHQ culinary school, I cultivated my personal chef technique working in Montreal's great cafés and restaurants. To this day, I am constantly adding to my repertoire, learning from what I see around me, from great chefs to short-order cooks, from my travels around the world, to my friends and neighbors down the street - anyone who approaches cooking with joy and curiosity, which are the key ingredients to any great meal.

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